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Terminal Handling

From organizing delivery to terminal with truck, unloading truck, organizing cargo specific destinations, building flight pallets, weighting, marking and stropping each PMC, moving units with dollies airside


  • ULD Break down
  • Sending of all relevant SITA messages
  • Sendingen of AoA (Advice of Arrival) to customer
  • Oversized cargo


Our export services comprises the following for both Air and Road cargo:


  • Cargo acceptance control
  • Screening for NON -SECURED Cargo
  • Oversized cargo
  • Complete document handling
  • Full Data capture (AWB,HAWB)
  • Sending of all relevant SITA messages
  • ULD Build up
  • Transfer of cargo to aircraft parking location
  • ULD Break down
  • Sending of all relevant SITA messages
  • Oversized cargo

Service to be added when in New terminal

  • DGR Handling (all classes)
  • Live Animals, Perishables, Human remains, Valuable goods, Temperature sensitive cargo


  • As approved RAKC (Regulated Agent and Known Consignor) PCN AS on behalf of  forwarding agents, are packing ready to PMC at Evenes. Air carrier might operate from Stockholm, Copenhagen, Schipool etc.
  • PCN AS do the packageing (161 boxes pr PMC), weighmanifest, organizing train or trucktransportation. Everything toghether and in cooperation with forwarder.
  • This operation will save time, avoid queues and secure predictability