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Perishable Center Nord AS

How it started

Since mid 1980’s fishfarming has been a fast growing industry in Northern Norway. Focus has been and still is, on effective and environmental production. And volume produced has increased from zero to 665.000 tons (2021). In 2030 production is predicted to be approx 885.000 tons.

Logistics has traditionally been decided from actors located at westcoast Norway or Oslo – the capitol,  and we feel innovation in logistical solutiuon is missing, and if there is any- it tends to focus on how to push more fish through Osl Gardermoen

The Oslo alternative is not the best option for fish from our region. Innovation, improved ETA,  improved quality and the possibility to do more value added production ,  is the key for making the industry up north more competitive and give the market better quality and more fresh products.

Direct air freight transport from Harstad/Narvik Airport Evenes is the answer to acchive better competitiveness and give the industry a better platform for future innovation.

Fish export from Northern Norway has been a reality since the 1300-1400 century, when we started export of stockfish. The logistic solution at that time was sailboat, and making stockfish was the only way to make a good quality preservation at that time. Stockfish is still a very popular product in Spain, Portugal and Italy

The seafood business of today has realised that logistical innovation is a must for better market access and  improved competitiveness.

Innovation is to be done in the whole chain of logistics, the more direct deliveries the better quality delivered


Estimated time destination (ETA) is King!!

The shorther time our customers can use on transportation, the more fresh is the fish delivered to the market.  This is the key to creating better competotiveness -and in the end of the day better business for everyone

Predictability also is an important issue – and going directly both via air and train – will improve todays logistic solution a lot.

Direct deliveries makes better ETA.