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New terminal ultimo 2023

Increased capasity for exportes from up North Norway

With new facilities, PCN AS will increase capacity for air freight service, from todays 4 planes a week to 10- 15 planes, depening on size and volume. 3-350 tons a week is a goal within 2025 – very much depening on how the air freight business develops. 

The location just outside of Evenes Airport gives us better possibilities to offer services beyond solely air cargo. European Road 10 from Lofoten/Vesterålen to Sweden/Europe gives an  excellent access from both the main roads as well as to the airport. We will because of this take this opportunity to expand our services within logistics and storage.  Our customers will be offered a complete product for delivering seafood targeted for both overseas and European markets. We will be the best choice for all freight forwarders, exporters, transporters, and other parties within the seafood segment.

The storage capacity will be around 750 metric tonnes of seafood at any given time. This equates to 450 euro pallets and approx 30  ready-built air cargo pallets.

The production capacity is around 50 air cargo pallets per 8 hours, start up volume.  The unloading and loading capacity will be approximately 8 full semi-trailers per hour. The warehouse will have 4 loading docks to handle euro pallets and up to 2 additional bays for air cargo pallets.


Distribution to Europe


The European Union has given priority to the most important transport corridors (TEN-T) in EU.

Narvik as a part of the CORE-network (the main network for European transport) is qualified to get priority for developing combination air, sea, rail and road.

Since 1996 has worked on building better bordercrossing infrastructurre solutions in Europe. Goal is to acchive and establish an intermodal european network, integrating transport on land, sea and air,

PCN AS will activly seek to take advantage on this system using Evenes and Narvik both for incoming and outgoing cargo.

Rail Narvik – Malmø approx 30 hours

Rail Narvik – Oslo approx 27 hours, and another 24 hours to reach Padborg (Reloading, waiting, driving etc)

Sammenlignet med dagens løsning via Oslo, vil et direktetog Narvik – Malmø/Padborg gi en tidsgevinst på ca. 30 timer