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Ground Handling

Professional and effective ground handling in cooperation with WGH

Existing terminal was built as «Salmon terminal» in 1995 and was the first salmon terminal in Norway. Due to production volume up north at that time (approx 69.000 tons in 1995) and that the volume of large fish (6-7 kgs +) was to low, the air carrier operation was moved, to Trondheim, then to Bergen and finally to Oslo (Fornebu and then Gardermoen i 1994).

The terminal has operated the following planes:

IL- 76


B 777


Old Teminal

Built mainly as a weather protection facility, its a non-temperatur regulated building – 1000 m2.

Average temperatur at Evenes is 5,6 °C daytime and 1,1 C° at night – so temperatur control is not critical!

Procuction capacity is 105 – 130 tons a day. Limitation because of both lack of storage facilities and number of building positions.

Equipment for keeping good quality

When (if) temperatur over 12°C, we cover the ready to go units with heat reflection units. This helps saving the cool temperatur in the boxes to 0-2 °C, and that delivery to end destination is as agreed with customer


Equipment handling

PCN AS has the followint equipment avaliable:

  • 26 dollies, Air gate
  • 2 Einza Pallet movers
  • 1 Hinzinger 140 kva GPU
  • 1 Atlas Copco MAS 7 Air Start Unit
  • 1 AMSS Baggage Band
  • 7 pallet positions
  • 1 Schenck DisomatOpus 6000 kg

In addition 2 forklifts, 2 stacking trucks, 1 John Deree Tractor